Recruitment Process


  • Generating the demand for workers by the employer company, 
  • Discussion on salary, accommodation, food and other benefits for workers and related terms & condition.
  • Finalization and Signing of Agreement for recruitment and other respective terms.
  • Receipt of Original Documents like Demand Letter, Power of Attorney and Agreement to start the process for recruitment the document must be verified by chamber of commerce and Indian Embassy of respective countries. 
  • Finalization of the Employment Terms, Recruitment Fee & Mobilization Structure for the particular Project of Recruitment.


  • Search the Database for the availability of sufficient Cv’s / Resumes.
  • If not found sufficient candidates in the Data Bank, advertise through proper news paper and media and head hunt until sufficient Cv’s are procured.
  • Screening of candidates & lining up sufficient candidates as per the clients specification.
  • Prepare for final interview.
  • Client conducts practical Trade Testing.
  • Candidates undergoes Medical examination.


  • Sign Employment Contract / Formal Offer Letter.
  • Prepares all documents required for visa processing.
  • Receive Visas/ Stamp Visas in case of Saudi Arabia etc.
  • Complete Immigration Formalities
  • Start Air Ticketing Reservation.
  • Collection of Local fee & forward bills to the client.
  • Pre-Departure Assistance and orientation to the workers.
  • Departure of the contract workers to the country of employment.