Recruitment Process

The process of recruitment undergoes below inter-related steps in order to find the perfect fit for your organization. They are:

  1. Raising Demand - A Foreign Employer will raise a demand in favour of Al Rehman Associates. The Demand Raised by Foreign Employer (FE) must consist in-Depth Job Descriptions for every required profession. Foreign Employer must be registered with eMigrate website to recruit the Indian Personnel. The demand and Power of Attorney to be generated through eMigrate website. Foreign Employer must have to upload / issue eWakala in case of Saudi Arabia. 
  1. Issuance of CSO - Once the demand is generated through eMigrate, Ministry of External Affairs through Proctor of Emigrant’s office review and issue Country Specific Order (CSO) in case of Nurses. 
  1. Screening & Short-listing - Once the demand is verified through eMigrate website, the human resource team initialize the sourcing and screening of eligible candidates as per job description provided by Foreign Employer. We use the best sources of recruitment like our database / head hunt / Employment Portal and published advertisement and identifying the right talent, attracting and motivating them to apply for the job.
  1. Interviewing - Short-listed candidates will move to the interview process Interview itinerary mentioning date, venue and locations are finalized in coordination with Employer Company. So, we have to arrange interview and take permission for interview from eMigrate website. In case Employer Company wish to go for online interview of the short-listed candidates then we arrange the interview accordingly. 
  1. Documentations - Every potential candidate who have been picked for the job asked to submit the relevant documents. The certificate attestation passed through the process like >HRD > MEA > University > Culture and then Saudi Embassy. Along with attestation process the DATAFLOW process also initialized to the time can be saved. Once the candidate completes the above process then they have to appear for Prometric examination. 
  1. Medicals - Candidates who have successfully completed the stage 5, they will proceed to authenticated medical centres for health check-up. 
  1. Visa Process - The Employer Company will initialize the processing of visa for candidates who have been declared medically fit. In case of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Al Rehman Associates will submit the visa application in respective Embassies for Visa Stamping. 
  1. Immigration / PDOT - After receiving /stamping the visas, the immigration clearance formalities along with Pre-departure orientation and training (PDOT ) a Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India venture, where agency conduct orientation programme in respect to Employer company, its country, culture, weather and work-related terms and conditions and salary packages and other terms. 
  1. Deployment - Travel division will arrange related documents and facilitate the deployment as per instructions and guide by the Foreign Employer.